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Hello my name is Mark, living in South Wales. Currently have achieved an Bachelors Science Degree in Computing Information Systems. I'm a computer enthusiast and have a passion for IT technology, whether it being coding or graphics design. Always enjoyed solving problems and helping others. Being good at IT, graduated and worked as an IT Technician on a part-time basis.

Currently looking for work. If you want to get in contact please for any questions, feedback or work.

The continuing path of computing has become both personally and professionally a constant dynamic environment and has become one of the most enjoyed activities doing to date. Have always excelled at science and IT since my childhood, and finally getting a bunch of qualifications in the information systems area, now believe it's time to put all my knowledge and experience towards bigger and more exciting opportunities working for an employer and to better myself with ever changing technologies.

One of the greatest strengths about being a code & designer with an computing background is that not only handle the coding or graphical aspect of a project, but can also fully understand and even participate in the technical aspects of those same projects.


At the beginning of my career into computers I was introduced to a computer at a very early age that I mostly played games on at infant school. Over time one of the family member introduced me to Qbasic and DOS prompt extending knowledge into the programming world creating the simplest programs, such as "Hello World".

Started using this language to create a few mini games using letter characters as objects (SOBS) that would react when collided and make effects; this future fuelled the wanting to create more complex programs but it was not till later on how to use arrays, for loops and cases effectively.

After school years decided the IT path as this is a subject knew most about and was most comfortable with as from daily use of an computer; Took the BTEC First Diploma for IT Practitioners course provided by Bridgend College to try out if computing was the right path and it was. Got through the first course and continued on to BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners and passed. This gave enough confidence and understanding to head out and do IT freelance in 2009.

At this present time I work under and known as is an freelance IT technician and website designer; Keeping up to date with the latest technologies in the computing sector.


Technolgies Used


All Projects

TitleDescriptionStatusLast Time UpdatedLatest NoteOther References
Lose Weight Get down to (70 kg~ / 11 Stone~) or close. In-Progress 14-01-2024 Will be achieved by jog/walking about long distances daily (hopefully).
Shop HTML5 Map Make an HTML5 shop map of the current workplace for future IT job interviews "material". In-Progress 22-01-2024 First step is to design the layout of the backend/database. "Mind Map"
Simple Rifted Universe Create a simple version of Rifted Universe thats enjoyable but without the complications such as multiplayer. On Hold 14-01-2024 Working periods: (24-11-2020 - 01-01-2021), (01-12-2021 - 11-02-2022) (21-07-2023 - 22-07-2023).
Making Random Meme Videos Just having some fun / practice. On Hold 14-01-2024 For stress relief and to better describe what I think right now.
Pixels Colony 2 Improve upon The Colony Game to see how much I have progressed. I also enjoy playing the old one myself be nice to have a newer version. On Hold 28-03-2022 (28-03-2022).
Pixels Planet Scanner A tool used with Star Sonata 2, this will allow players to manage planetoid scans for resources. On Hold 17-02-2021 Dismantling of the old version of Pixels Planet Scanner as this one turns the scan data entirely into SQL then uses PHP which has become a nightmare to manage, new version is all JS and JSON based. No more manual maintenance.
Rifted Universe Rifted Universe online is going to be a MMORPG game. Top down 2D game with your own spaceship that you can gear out. On Hold 08-04-2020 C# server needs to be entirely rewritten as threading is conflicting, used one giantic array to manage all objects, need to introduce constraints.
Brush-up on JavaScript Complete a 600 page JS book, learn what I didn't know about. Complete 21-01-2024 (01-01-2024 - 21-01-2024).
Get A Car Get a physical car, any car just to get started with within price range. Complete 09-01-2024 Checking out cars (05-01-2024 - 09-01-2024).
Porthcawl Hiking Complete a 100 mile hike with a 16KG backpack (about 6~ laps). Mainly to lose weight and get fit. Complete 05-01-2024 6/6 lap completed.
Nant-y-moel Hiking Complete a 100 mile hike with a 16KG backpack (about 5 laps). Mainly to lose weight and get fit. Complete 06-12-2023 5/5 Completed 06-12-2023.
Update Add a very crude search tag system. Complete 01-07-2021 Added a very basic search box system to this image gallery and a tagging system so each image can be found more easily when needed.
Talk About Star Sonata 2 Make a YouTube video talking about Star Sonata 2, My thoughts. Complete 14-06-2021 Finally completed the video, will not make anymore Star Sonata 2 videos as they've wasted enough of my time.
Challenge Bruce to a Draw Off! Make a YouTube video that challenages (Bruce Carbon Lakeriver). Complete 24-10-2020 Look for one of his videos and try to beat one of his drawings. This isn't going to go well for me.
  • Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
  • Portfolio website and centralised point where everything else can branch from. Complete 29-09-2020 Completed, just need to keep this project list section up-to-date!
    Pixels Colony Game A resource management game where you have to keep a colony alive. Highest population score. Complete 28-09-2020 Complete!
  • The Colony Game
  • Pixels Planet Scanner 2 A tool used with Star Sonata 2, this will allow players to manage planetoid scans for resources. Complete 25-09-2020 Still need to transfer and add additional features requested by the community.
  • Pixels Planet Scanner 2