Rifted Universe Online

R U Online?

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Rifted Universe online is a MMORPG game based in a large epic space opera. Upon entering the game you will granted your very own spaceship. A tool for building or a weapon to destroy, Your ship will be your home as you forge onward. Colonizing new worlds, Manufacturing the most advanced technologies or leaving a trail bright enough to eclipse any Star as you decimate the known Universe!

Within this game, you will be placed in the time period between 4050. During this time period, the humans have travelled far into space, and made some allies, and same for foes. There are 2 Groups of alliances,;the Polates, and the K'Poh, within each alliances there are 3 factions, giving you a total number of 6 factions. Out of the 6 factions, you may choose to be be one.

In the Polates' Alliance, you can choose from either: The Polates themselves, The Humanoids, or The Pittochks

And the opponents of the Polates, the K'Poh contains the 4 factions which are: The Tun'Q, The Yonsto's, The Pokta

The 2 Alliances have been battling for over 3 centuries now, they are waiting...waiting for the one pilot turn up, might that be you, it's your call....should you bravely step up to justice and combine forces with the Polates, or should do you dare walk the plank path of a pirate's and raid the Polates for deep treasures hidden within with vast power, so much to the point where it is just unimaginable by man! It is your choice, your game, your risk, try the game, Rifted Universe.


The current status of this project is on hold due to 5 prototypes made all starting from the beginning have all yield poor results, due from using an engine that is incapable of supporting such an idea.

Future plans to allow this project to proceed will be to learn how to use the Unity game engine. The approach will possibly be still towards a top down space shooter.

There is a few people that I acknowledge in first creating the game is 'Spirit of the Poor'; Others with content and ideas towards the game: S. Muka, P. Emma, T, Tracy, and many more within the community created when the game development was starting.

Below are some snapshots of development of RUO.